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EMU INT-DW History

EMU International Design Week (EMU Int-DW) is an annual event organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in collaboration with the Design Club of EMU; and is targeted towards publicizing the powerful voice of design by creating awareness on its central role in “life" through various activities.

The series of events organized every year are based on a particular theme and aim to draw attention to significant issues through the participation of selected key professionals, artists, and academics that works in the realm of architecture and design. This assures the generation of an interdisciplinary platform where exchange of ideas and experiences, and stimulation of production at an international platform take place.

Since its initiation in 2011, the EMU International Design Week hosted locally and globally recognized designers such as Kengo Kuma, Tariq Khayyat, Kamran Ashfar Nadiri, Boran Ekinci, Bo Tang, Kenan Pençe, Alper Derinboğaz, Senih Çavuşoğlu, Salih Küçüktuna, Yılmaz Zenger, Neslihan Ercan, Cemal Koray Bingöl, Yeşim Kunter, Ali Yapıcıoğlu, and Santiaogo Cirugeda.

7th EMU International Design Week will foster design around the theme 'THE HUB' this year, which takes its reference from Famagusta. Witnessing many historical cross points, Famagusta is still connecting different peripheries, constantly existing as being a hot spot and a playground for confronting ideas that reveal its multilayered inner structure. In a process of detection of this imaginary 'HUB', today's practices for unboxing its values can lead us into the adventure of how to repeat/re-read/re-understand/re-focus. The theme will be explored variedly from various disciplines through the contribution of professionals, academicians, architects, artists, designers, and students.

In the light of this perspective, the EMU International Design Week 2017 is planned to invite a number of professionals as keynote speakers/workshop organizers, who are known for their contributions in the vast field of design. The 7th EMU International Design Week is going to take place in between the dates 15-18 May 2017 in Famagusta, North Cyprus.

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