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“PAINTING SABOTAGE” Exhibition: VACD MA students with Senih Çavuşoğlu 

VACD MA Students:

Batu Azizoğlu
Ebal A. S. Alamari
Madina Karagulova
Salma O. Y. Skaik
Mahroo Samimiat
Arezu Rastimobarakeh
Farzin Foroutan
Arian Rajabi Shisvan
Anselem Irechukwu Nkoro
Yalda Ashrafian
Negar Chahian Boroujeni
Aylar Yazgülyyeva
Reza Amiri
Cemal Can Başaranel
Cankut Fındık
Amer Mamo Taher Fatani
Mitra Jenabi

Classical painting figures (portraits) wander the streets/places of Famagusta city.

Blending classical art figures with contemporary city scenes. Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design MA students integrate historical artworks of angels, muses and mythological figures, characters, creatures etc. into the streets, sights, places at Famagusta. From their daily life, they experience the city with today’s, yesterday’s eye to present a re-presentation of Famagusta as seen through the eyes of classical paintings, forming a personal portrait of the city.

The aim was to create an obvious juxtaposition between the urban context and their painterly forms, giving the observer fantastical scenarios that evoke sense of wonder and awe.



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