When the Contemporary Art Meets Architecture

id*d Interdisciplinary Design Studio and Blok Art Space



id*d Interdisciplinary Design Studio and Block Art Space

Istanbul, Turkey

As an interdisciplinary design studio based in Istanbul, id*d aims to build a new approach to design by looking at a project beyond its category and using intersections.


Begum Karahan  

Begüm Karahan

is the co-founder of id*d studio, interdisciplinary design studio from İstanbul. She has been working as project director for various projects from different fields for over 10 years. She studied in Bilgi University and Viadrina University, has a bachelor degree in Business Administration/Economics and MA (Certificate Program) in Art and Design Management.


Aslin Ersan

is the co-founder of id*d studio, interdisciplinary design studio, based in İstanbul. After the graduation from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, she worked as a conceptual designer and construction coordinator for over 10 years. She has participated at different kinds of architectural, interior and competition projects of design, coordination and construction fields as well as researchers for sustainable and ecological architectural design for several projects.


Mine Kaplangı

is the co-founder of Collective Çukurcuma art initiative from Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently working as an artist representative at BLOK art space Çukurcuma and an exhibition coordinator at BLOK art space Büyük Valide Han in Istanbul. She received her bachelor degree in Philosophy in Istanbul University and MA (Certificate Program) in Philosophy of Arts & Aesthetics in Bologna University/ DAMS Faculty. She is also working as a freelance editor for a Berlin based contemporary art platform called Artfridge.

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