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Despite all the dependent parameters inherent, Design is independent act because of its willful nature. Design is a series of destructive-constructive set of actions. For any design, the concepts, functions and forms inherited in the already available information in the first place are distructed primarily in the mind, and reconstructed into other structures. Here at this point, the individual designer’ s having a professional mental library is not enough for this combined action. Especially when the concepts are refered, the designer establishes a world in which the design s/he produced is included. In this sense, in fact, every object is part of the utopia in which it belongs to, and the designer is the figurative founder of this utopia. Therefore, at least they should be aware of the current ideal life theories.

The 9th emu_InternationalDesignWeek focuses on the theme ‘IN/DEPENDENCE’ in search of a stimulating milieu that encourages the motivation to produce ideas and products along the DEPENDENCE-INDEPENDENCE axis in a multidimensional and dynamic process of creative thinking. Academicians and practitioners from different disciplines of design are invited to come together between 8-10th of May, 2019 and share their experiences and knowledge at the Faculty of Architecture, EMU, Famagusta, Cyprus.

Participating Universities

Participating Universities

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